Tips to Help You Turn Your Wife On

Tips to Help You Turn Your Wife On

If you want to turn your wife on, you need to be able to influence her mind.

You see, women can be turned on like men, but it’s different.  Women need more time to get revved up and it takes a good amount of time before they are really in the mood and ready to go, whereas a man can really just be turned on like a light bulb.  If you want to really turn your wife on, then you’re going to have to learn to push her buttons well before you get into the bedroom.

First off, you need to be confident and manly as a normal part of your life.  It needs to be ingrained in who you are.  Women respond to prolonged attraction.  Sex to them is like a steady crescendo that starts early in the day and comes out later.  Always remember to be assertive and confident during the day, and keep yourself in good physical shape.

Now, what do you do to turn your wife on?  Women want to submit to their man.  When you talk to women, they will tell you that their most intense sexual experiences occur when they really submit to their husband in bed.  That’s why you have to be confident and aggressive.  Do not be afraid to act impulsively on your emotions: you’ll find she responds a lot better than boring, predictability.

Surprise her!  Try to do something romantic during the day that she doesn’t predict.  Always tease her.  One thing a friend of mine did was pop into the shower with his wife.  It startled her for a bit.  She was shocked that he was so impulsive.  But then, he left the shower and walked back downstairs.  You build attraction by doing surprising stuff and then teasing her.

Another tip to turn your wife on is to focus a lot on your physical health.  A lot of times when we’re married, we don’t feel we have to look as good as they day we married.  Actually, you should look better.  After all, you’re the source for your wife’s sexuality, so you don’t want her to get frustrated and start getting the wandering eye.

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