Top 10 Diets to Go On As a Couple

Top 10 Diets to Go On As a Couple

Dieting as a couple is a great idea.  Here is our top ten lists of diets to try out with your partner!

Top 10 Diets to go on as a Couple

1. Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet was created by Pierre Dukan, a French nutritionist.  The diet is very popular in Britain, and you can probably find Dukan Diet cookbooks and blogs all over the net.  The diet is based on returning to the foods that nurtured human civilization since the dawn of time, like vegetables, seafood, and lean proteins, and turning away from processed and sugary foods.

2. The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet was all the rage in the United States and has helped thousands of people lose weight and feel better about themselves.  The Atkins Diet is especially good for couples because you both can keep an eye on whether or not you are following the diet.  Atkins is easier because while it cuts out carbohydrates, you can still eat meat and fat to your heart’s content.

3. The HCG Diet

This diet is a bit more harrowing than the first two, which is why it’s good to do it as a couple for moral support.  The HCG diet requires that you take HCG hormones, either as injections or as a pill, which will make your body burn fat.  You cut sugar and fat out of your diet and eat low calorie meals while your body burns off the unwanted pounds.

4.  Weight Watchers

What better way for a couple to bond than counting calories together when making a meal?  Weight Watchers is a popular diet plan and very well known.  With Janet Jackson as their new spokesperson, more and more couples are trying out this diet plan to lose weight so they can look great.

5.   The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is much like the Atkins Diet, but allows for different types of foods that might be necessary for certain people to eat, given their dietary needs.  The South Beach is a great project for couples to take on, as it promises fast results and you’ll actually keep the pounds off.

6.  Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig is great for couples because they have couple’s counseling where you can plan the diet out as a couple.  Jenny Craig makes it easy to count calories and many of the meals can be bought at the local grocery store.  You’ll find that it tastes great to eat healthy, and you can plan some very elegant date nights with Jenny Craig as your chef.

7.  The Sonoma Diet

If you and your significant other like to eat leisurely and finish each meal with a glass of wine, then the Sonoma Diet is perfect for you.  This diet calls for you to eat slowly and savor your food, which is great for romantic conversations.

8.  The Best Life Plan

The Best Life Plan is all about changing your lifestyle, rather than just focusing on calorie counting and choice of food. The Best Life Plan is also about building community, so you’ll be able to meet other couples who are on the same path of weight loss as you.

9.  The Eating Well Diet

The Eating Well Diet is a seven part plan to eating healthy and keeping your weight off.  You’ll learn all about the value of eating nutritious food and how food is supposed to nourish our bodies.

10.  Detox and Cleansing Diets

Detox and Cleansing Diets rely on herbal teas or concoctions to help your body cleans itself of harmful toxins.  These diets are usually fairly intensive and require a lot of discipline, as fasting is a key component.  Having your partner there for you will make these diets that much easier.

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