Top 10 Recipes to Make Up With Your Boyfriend

Top 10 Recipes to Make Up With Your Boyfriend

Top 10 Recipes to Make Up With Your Boyfriend

 1.     Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? Pizza is one of those foods that are not hard to make but taste really great. Pizza requires as many or as few ingredients as you want, and it’s a great recipe to make with your boyfriend and get him involved because it’s a fun thing to make.

2.      Cheeseburgers and hotdogs on the grill

It’s always been said that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” so try making something with him that is sure to fill him up. Cooking out on the grill is fun, requires very little prepping and you can even turn it into a romantic picnic in the yard by only adding a blanket and some lemonade.

3.     Eggs, Pancakes and bacon

This may even be better than breakfast in bed. Early one morning have you and your man can make breakfast together. You can make eggs, pancakes sausage and even bacon, and enjoy a sit-down homemade breakfast for two.

4.     Tacos

This may require a little extra time but they are really fun to make. You can customize them and add your own ingredients.

5.     Cookies

Break out an old family recipe or even search online for a fun, easy, tasty recipe for your favorite type of cookie.

6.     Peanut butter pie

Peanut butter pie is easy to make and requires whipped cream on the top which can double as some extra fun after your finishing baking.

7.     Meat and Potatoes

This meal requires a decent amount of work, but it will show your boyfriend how much work, effort and time really goes in to preparing a good meal. He will appreciate it so much more.

8.     Homemade Ice Cream

This will be a real sweet treat on a hot day.

9.     Birthday Cakes

You can join your efforts and make a birthday cake for someone. This great dessert is thoughtful and is always fun to make, especially with an extra helper.

10.  Salsa or Chip Dip

Making homemade salsa or chip dip is a fun recipe to make with your boyfriend. You can also make it and use it right afterwords with a movie or game.

With these great recipes, your boy will be smiling in no time. These top 10 recipes to make up with your boyfriend are a great way to enhance the quality of your relationship, making it all the more special.