Top 10 Things to Do to Make Up With Your Ex-Girlfriend

Top 10 Things to Do to Make Up With Your Ex-Girlfriend

Top 10 Things to Do to Make Up With Your Ex-Girlfriend

1.     Remind her of the good times

Instead of bringing back bad memories try to remind her of all the good times you’ve shared together. Laugh about a funny event that happened or a trip you went on. Hopefully she will remember how much fun she had when she was with you.

2. Stay Confident

Do not break down. Keep the confidence you had when you first begin dating her. Confidence is a big attractor to women.

3. Cut the communication off

Yes, this is a hard step because it’s tough not to talk to the one you love, but chances are it will be even harder for her. By cutting off all communication she will realize how much she misses you and needs you in her life.

4. Emotionally Recover

Women are not interested in men that are desperate, clingy and emotion, they need a steady emotionally-stable man. So, before you go trying to get her back make sure you get your act together.

5.     Persistence

When it comes to dating persistence can be a very successful method. You want to make sure she knows that you still want her. However, with that said make sure that you don’t try to hard and create an imbalance in the relationship, showing her that you are the only one making all the effort.

6.     Keep it cool and relax

Keep yourself busy and don’t act desperate. Don’t sit around all day just waiting for her to call you, and if she does call wait a little while before answering it. Make her a little anxious. If you are on the phone with her don’t talk forever, cut it a little shorter leaving her wanting more.

7.     Do NOT get Jealous

Women want to be the only one in your life, so making her jealous by flirting with a lot of girls or dating a lot of women in front of her is only going to make her jealous and turn her away.

8.     Give her some time and space

Allow her to have some time to think and reflect on your relationship. If you shared a great loving relationship it may only be a short amount of time before she realizes that she misses you and wants to get back together.

9.     Take it Slow

If or when your ex-girlfriend want to make up take it slow. Don’t start taking right away about your relationship. A better solution is to pretend that you have never dated before and act like she is an old friend. You can slowly turn this friendship into a new relationship whenever you both are ready.

10.  Remember Problems and Fix them

When trying to make up with your ex-girlfriend remember what caused the break up the first time and try to learn from your mistakes. No one is perfect but this is the perfect time to work on your flaws and become a better man.