Trouble getting over an ex-boyfriend?

Trouble getting over an ex-boyfriend?

Having trouble getting over an ex-boyfriend?  I know, it’s a big life change and you might be difficult dealing with.  

That tool also provides the key to getting over an ex-boyfriend.

One of the most powerful principles that you need to learn if you are having trouble getting over an ex-boyfriend is the “power of acceptance.”

The power of acceptance is a very key strategy in the process of healing and growth. It’s central to getting over an ex-boyfriend.  You need to learn to forgive yourself and you need to learn to give yourself time to heal.

I want to give you three practical ways how you can use the power of acceptance in your relationship and in with this break-up, around with the difficulties you’re experiencing in regard to your ex. Using this you will be getting over an ex boyfriend in record time.

In this case, you need to apply “radical acceptance” to your problem!

The first aspect of radical acceptance is accepting that life is going to include suffering, it’s going to include pain, it’s going to include difficulties, and life is going to be a real bitch sometimes. You start with getting over an ex-boyfriend by understanding that life is going to be really hard at times.

What is radical acceptance?  It’s the idea that you should love yourself no matter what.  If you love yourself no matter the cost, no matter what happens, then your self-esteem will survive any ups and downs you might have, including breaking up with an ex-boyfriend.

When you can accept this and understand it you become a lot more realistic and bad things happen to you and you learn how to deal with them in a much more positive way. In getting over an ex-boyfriend you learn a lot of things about yourself that’s for certain. Things will get better though.

You become a little bit more a survivor than being a victim.

The second aspect in radical acceptance is about accepting things we can’t change and there are probably things in respect of you and your ex-boyfriends and your previous relationship that you can’t change, no matter how hard you try. In getting over an ex-boyfriend you realize that some things can’t be changed no matter how much they hurt. So it’s usually time to accept them.

And you want to bring a very strong sense of acceptance to these things because the more acceptance you have the more peace you’ll have, the more happiness you’re going to experience and the better you will feel.

So look to bring acceptance to the things that give you pain that you can’t change because having a lack of acceptance about these things is going taught you and the third aspect of radical acceptance is that, this is a practice. In getting over an ex boyfriend you begin to realize acceptance is a process to practice. Like playing the guitar. No-one masters acceptance instantly.

The reason people call things ‘practices’ are because you never really master it, you just get better with practice. In getting over an ex-boyfriend you realize that by practicing this it gets better with time and you need to be patient with the process.

Same with martial arts, no one has ever totally mastered any form of martial arts, even if you’ve been doing it your whole life.

The reason it’s called a practice is because you get better and better in time and the more practice you do, the better you get.

This is same with radical acceptance; I don’t think any of us will ever get the concept of radical acceptance to its complete full application.

What we can do is practice it daily, you can get better at it, you can get more experience with it and when bad things happen to us, we’ll have a very powerful coping strategy to deal with these negative events and that’s called radical acceptance. You also be getting over an ex-boyfriend much quicker than without it.

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