Ways to stop divorce!

Ways to stop divorce!

There ARE ways to stop a divorce.  Things can look truly bleak right now, and it doesn’t feel that way, but believe me, there is a way out.

To help stop divorce you are going to have to set some priorities for yourself.  Your marriage has to come first.

Do not let your marriage slip through your hands. It’s time to be militant about staying together with your spouse.  Take a few days off if need be, as divorce or the threat of divorce weight heavily on people’s minds and can make focusing on solutions more difficult.

Don’t be afraid that you’ll be overwhelmed.  You won’t be.  Your marriage comes first, so if you have to take time off of your job or away from a special project, you do it.  

Now, let’s come up with a plan.  Devising a plan will give you confidence and remove doubt and fear from the equation.  Do you think you and your spouse will need couple’s counseling?  Do you think a retreat would be better, or do you want something more intense, like marriage boot camp?  How far are you willing to go?

Now is the time to come up with a plan.  Don’t wait around, write it down!

Sometimes our emotions cloud our judgment, and make it that much more difficult to focus on what’s important.  Are you arguing with your spouse almost everyday to the point it feels divorce is imminent?  Then why don’t you take a breather and try to remember WHY it is you argued.  Write it down!  Don’t be afraid to be analytical about the problem, you have to figure out what’s happening.

Are you arguing over money problems?  What about dividing responsibilities between the two of you?  Are your in-laws causing problems?  Are  your marital problems being caused by stress from OUTSIDE the marriage, like your job or a major life change?

There are ways to stop a divorce, and hopefully this article puts you in the mindset that you have to start pinpointing problems instead of just reacting to them.

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