We’re Always Fighting

We’re Always Fighting

If things aren’t working in your relationship and you’re always fighting with one another, life can be stressful. These four tips will help you lose the screaming and get rid of the silent treatment.

#1. Learn to control your temper

Your relationship can be stronger and more successful if you are able to control your temper. Learn more positive ways of reacting and responding to stress and disagreements  with your girl.

#2. Talk about what’s wrong

Instead of withdrawing or lashing out, stay calm. Sit down and talk about what’s bothering you. Make sure that each person has the time to be there. Be honest. Expect honesty from her.

#3. Try to see her side

If you start the talk and you’re only looking for her to apologize, then you’ve missed the point. Listen to what she’s saying. Apologize if you need to. Explain where you’re coming from, but try to figure out where she’s coming from as well.

#4. Seek counseling if necessary

If marriage or relationship counseling is necessary, then do it. You’ll know if you need it by paying attention to how often you have arguments and how successful your attempts to resolve it are. When both of you cannot sit down together and talk through things, then you’ll know that it’s gone too far. You can learn how to resolve things on your own and there isn’t any shame in asking for help by reaching out to a relationship counseling professional. However, if you are able to resolve things on your own, that’s okay too. Just be honest when you look at your communication strategies and the way the two of you resolve things.

With these tips put into play, you’ll find that you have less arguments and that when you do they can be easily resolved. Conflict resolution and communication are two of the most important skills in all relationships, not just romantic relationships.