What are “Personals” and do I want to use them?

What are “Personals” and do I want to use them?

If you’ve ever heard of “personals” but haven’t been sure what they are or if you should use them, then read on. In this article we’re going to address exactly what personals are and whether or not they can be useful.

Personals are dating advertisements that can be found in the newspaper or online. They are beginning to move online with various personals available on sites such as Craigslist and OKCupid.  In fact, we can easily say that printed personals are no longer en vogue, and that you can find what you want on the internet.

Should you use them? Short Answer: Yes!

Personals have moved to the online realm, although the newspaper personals are still in use in certain cities if you’re interested in finding people that fit certain niches.  Usually, newspaper personals are there to advertise sex services, so if you’re looking for dating or marriage, then online personals are the way to go.

Although personals are old-fashioned they may still seem like a good idea. The truth is that no one really reads them anymore. You’d pay money to post your photo and description in a newpaper that no one will notice. It’s a better idea to take that money and join a respectable dating site.

A lot of dating sites are perfectly free.  You won’t need any money to set up a profile and look through potential partners.  You might have to pay to use the full resources of the site, but that’s okay.

You may be thinking, “Wait. I’ve seen personals online at different sites though. Wouldn’t that be the same kind of thing as a dating site?”

Good question but the answer is still: No.

Personals online are just photos and descriptions with a phone number or email address attached. Dating sites actually allow two people to meet under safe conditions. You still have to exercise common sense, but they’re safe for the most part.  You use the messaging system within the dating site rather than your personal cell phone number or personal email. You are also able to take compatibility tests and ask each other personal belief and value questions before meeting in person or sharing personal information such as your personal email.

Don’t use personals. If the idea appeals to you, then join a dating site. This is a much better alternative and will offer you more results. There are a variety of dating sites available on the Internet today. Head over to Google and check them out!

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