What Causes Sexless Marriage?

What Causes Sexless Marriage?

Sexless marriages are usually caused by some past trauma or by a feeling of emotional separation.  There are ways of dealing with this. 

There are a variety of different things that could be what causes a sexless marriage.  What causes sexless marriage? it differs in each relationship.

There could be a physical or hormonal issue with one person. There could be a medical issue that is making it difficult for them to have much sex drive.  Some people just do not want sex as often as other people.  Some partners are severely mismatched in terms of sex drive, but there are plenty of ways to deal with this problem.

There might be some sort of mental or emotional issue that’s causing you or your partner to be less interested in sex, it could be something as far back as childhood and it could have to do with previous sexual relations. Knowing what causes sexless marriage is about going on an investigation mission.  For women, this is usually due to rape or molestation earlier in life.

The next thing to think about is that it might be something that the other partner is doing. They may have lost attraction. Or perhaps sex isn’t exciting enough or risky enough for them. It may even be boring. They may feel too much pressure to perform.  Never pressure your partner, it makes it worse.  Sex must be free and passionate, not locked down and stuffy.

It could be something to do with changes in their body, such as: after child birth, or menopause, or even to do with male menopause which is not really well-known. It could deal with Madonna-whore complex or a lack of communication.

So what’s really important is that you do investigation, research, study, you get your hands on everything and anything on the topic of sexless marriage, and you figure out what’s going wrong in your case.

You might be able to do it yourself with honest communication but you may need a sex therapist. In fact, I really recommend a sex therapist because you might find it easier to talk about your sex life with a stranger who will not judge you for what you say.  You’ll discover what you need as you go along in the process. Take it seriously and devote enough time to the process.

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