What Causes a Sexless Relationship?

What Causes a Sexless Relationship?

There are many causes for a sexual relationship.  Sometimes its past trauma while other times it’s the rigors of modern living.  One thing is for certain, you cannot leave it along, you need to fix the problem head on.

There are a lot of things that cause sexless relationships, everything from health to psychological and even personality issues.  I want to talk about something that’s more powerful than what causes sexless relationships. What makes them worse.

You know both people in a marriage will not have exactly the same ideas on sex and there are likely to be differences. but that is not the main cause for a sexless relationship.  I’ve found that partners with different levels of sex drive can usually find a happy medium.

Sex is important because it’s a team sport, as they say it takes two to tango. Finding out what causes sexless relationships is a fairly unique thing for each relationship – because the reasons are not always the same. There are hundreds of possible causes.

Oftentimes, people with sexual differences build up sexual frustration. As it builds, one partner may want more and more sex while the other feels more and more pressure to deliver. This in turn causes that person to hide away and want less and less sex. This is what causes sexless relationships many times.  It’s a negative feedback loop that takes time to escape from.

Sexless relationships tend to get worse because of this perpetuating cycle.  You can break it though.

Identifying what causes sexless relationship is what worth whatever effort you put in. If you identify the causes, you can create solutions. Often just going through the process of fixing your relationship and increasing your communication can restore intimacy. It’s about being radically honest with one another.

Don’t wait to fix the situation!  It may be too late if you wait!

Basically, you want to do this immediately. Look for causes and find solutions. Don’t let your sexless relationship spiral out of control when it could be restored to a healthy, happy balanced sex-filled relationship.

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