When Girls Talk to Their Friends

When Girls Talk to Their Friends

Every guy has had this happen to him. He has a date with a girl and she tells her girlfriends every detail. They tell other girls and the vicious cycle continues until all of her friends know every detail of your date. How do you stop this? Should you stop it?

The problem with all of the “girl talk” is that it can lead your date to question things about your relationship. One of girlfriends might say, “Well, when Brian did that with me, he was really just looking for a way to end the relationship.” Then your girl begins to think that you must want to end your relationship too. Instead you’re feeling more and more serious about her! So you can see where these talk sessions go awry.

As a guy, know first and foremost that you can’t stop it. Forbidding her to talk to her friends is controlling. You can ask her to keep certain things private and personal. Most likely, she isn’t sharing any deep emotional truths that the two of you are sharing with one another. To make sure, just preface those by saying that you need it to stay between the two of you.

What you can do, and should do, is keep the lines of communication open. If your girl feels that you are honest and always willing to answer a question, then she’ll be more likely to come to you with her suspicions that she’s developed from talking with her friends. If she says to you, “Lisa said that when Brian did this with her, he was really just looking for a way to end the relationship. Is that what you’re doing? Do you want out?” Then, you have the opportunity to say, “No. Honey, I thought it was just a sweet gesture and I think our relationship is in a really good place. I really like you and I want to keep dating you.” Problem solved.

Remember, you must be open with communication and honest from the beginning. If you haven’t been, she won’t believe that she can trust you. So no matter what you say, the doubts will still be there.