Will You Find Twilight Love?

Will You Find Twilight Love?

Maybe you’ve seen the film “Twilight” or perhaps you’ve just heard about it. Either way, I know that you’re asking – how do I find that?

Will you find Twilight love? Some people say that you won’t. It’s a love that exists in films and those alone. You won’t find someone that you fall madly in love with and who falls madly in love with you. Better to settle. Then there are those people who tell you that it does exist. You can find the guy or girl from your dreams, if you keep looking. Don’t settle.

It’s confusing at best. The key to finding your love is to be open. If there’s one thing to learn from Twilight, despite it’s somewhat creepy portrayal of Edward stalking Bella, it’s that we need to be open when looking for love. Love comes in all kinds of guises and we need to be willing to try them.

So often I see men and women who turn someone down based on their looks alone or some facet of their mannerisms. I encourage people to try to be more lenient with this. It’s best if you can remain open to all of the possibilities offered to you. Let a guy take you out on a date or ask out a girl you might not otherwise. See where it goes. It’s okay to go on a date and then decide that she/he isn’t right for you. All I’m asking is that you make an effort.

Bella was open to Edward, despite his being a vampire. I wouldn’t recommend that you date a stalker, but being open to small faults in people opens you up to all of their other qualities. You never know who you’ll fall in love with. Don’t shut yourself off to those possibilities.