Winning my ex back…

Winning my ex back…

You’ll need some sizzle if you want to get your ex back.  

There’s a thing you have to do to get your ex back: bring back the passion as best as you can.  You have to be able to bring the sizzle back into your life.  You see, when we break up, we have some time to grieve, but we need to remember that if we’re going to get our ex back, they have to really WANT us back.  It’s time to think long and hard about your life.

What is the real core thing that separates you from the times when you’re happy and enjoying your relationship and the times when you’re struggling to deal with a breakup?

If you remove all the surface stuff.

If you get rid of the superficial layer of what’s different about your life, maybe your lifestyles different. When all you can think about is my ex back what is actually really happening?

If you look on a very core level what’s different about you.

More than anything right now you’re probably stressed.

I would have to guess probably the biggest difference on the most core deep level inside you is that right now you have a bit more stress and a bit more anxiety than when you were with your girlfriend. It’s hard to be obsessed with getting my ex back without feeling pretty stressed.  You can’t quite order your feelings.

So let’s look at addressing that.

Life is all about the inner game.  You have to have your mind in order to effect change in your life.  You must see yourself and your ex back together.  You must see yourself as a new person that is worthy of a new life and worthy of all the happiness you think you’ll get from being back with your ex.  Your mind is the pivotal part of this equation.

I just want to say that a break up can be a very traumatic experience.

A lot of people who suffer from short break-ups experience something called post-traumatic stress disorder. They want my ex back but don’t know why it’s so hard.

It’s very similar to having experienced a very negative emotional even such as losing your job or losing a loved one in death.

That’s how hard it can hit you.

So what’s really important is that you begin to invest in your levels of relaxation and stress relief.

I want to point you towards a device called the ‘stress eraser’ and what this is a type of portable device that allows you to see your level of stress on demand and you can actually be able to drop your stress and see it on a screen in front of you. It might be a key to having my ex back because you’ll think clearly for the first time in a while.

It gives you a point’s score and the higher your points the more relaxed you’ve been able to make yourself. Having a clear focus is the first to step you having my ex back.

So I’ve got to say that usually when guys are stressed out about wanting to get their ex back and are frantic about it and their asking for help or looking for advice, their head isn’t in the right place you know they’re often very stressed and anxious and very all over the place.

I’ve got to tell you the one of the biggest life changing events in my life was a bad breakup. I wanted to get my ex back so bad I was willing to do almost anything.

It affected me on so many levels, it destroyed my confidence and I had to rebuild myself through my life in many ways. Wanting my ex back caused me to do almost anything.

So really what helped with being able to get a clear mind, be able to get my focus back so I could take action and I could move on and start to get a grip on my life.

Getting rid of all the stress in your life is going to help you get your ex back almost more than anything.

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